How to unblock your marketing 

Wednesday 17th February at 12.30pm  |  90 minute Masterclass

Join this session if you want to know what holds your marketing back and the four steps you can take to unblock it.


Do you ever feel like your marketing comes up against a brick wall?

This session introduces you to the eight blocks that may be responsible for holding your marketing back and shows you what to do about them so that your marketing delivers.

Getting marketing fit

In many firms, there can be some real frustrations that prevent your marketing from having the impact you need it to.

Sometimes there’s so much to do, there’s no time to take a step back and really understand what’s going on and how you can change things for the better.

In this session we’ll explore the reasons why this happens, what the effect is and share some practical exercises to help you re-think your marketing so it has a much greater impact.

You’ll learn about how the Watertight Marketing methodology can equip you to do just that.

Image from Watertight Marketing 2nd edition showing yo-yo marketing

Does this ring a bell?

Marketing is at least part of your job – if not all of it. You head it up or are the sole marketer in a growing firm. You could be one of team who has the remit for a particular product or sector. You might be responsible for marketing in your business, but it’s not your real area of expertise. 

You struggle to balance the thinking with the busy-ness of the doing. Marketing is not quite delivering what you want it to, but you’re not quite sure why.

In any case you’re thinking that it’s time to re-think or re-set your marketing. Do something different. If only because so much has changed recently – your clients, the market, the firm, the products or services you offer…. 


In this session:

We’ll look at the four steps that help you deal with your marketing blockers. You will learn:

  • the foundations you need in place before you start building your marketing plan.
  • the common leaks that eat away at your profits – and how to fix them
  • the 3 elements of a plan and why you need them
  • how to get marketing fit – and maintain that consistency!

As well as prepared content, there will be time for you to ask questions. You’ll also find out more about the Expert Guided Masterplan programme that will help put those steps into action through applying the powerful Watertight Marketing methodology.

What previous workshop attendees have said:

“Great seminar, engaging and very very relevant to my field of work. Also has given me food for thought!”

“Very informative. Got a number of ideas on how to improve marketing. Stressed the importance of having to devote more time to marketing to move forward successfully.”

“Well delivered and thought provoking. Challenged current and conventional thinking for me and for our firm.”

Your host

Rachael Wheatley is an award-winning marketer, consultant, trainer and coach.

She helps firm find, win and keep clients they love to work with. She does this by working as a marketing architect, helping to shape, build and deliver a marketing plan that works.  

She has over 30 years in marketing and business development – both inside companies building and leading the marketing and business development and running her own business.

Over her career she’s worked with accountants, lawyers and other professional services and business-to-business firms to grow their business through finding, winning and keeping more of the right clients.  

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a qualified Chartered Marketer. She is a Watertight Marketing Master Practitioner and helped many clients apply it in practice. 

“I couldn’t recommend working with Rachael more. She offered fantastic clarity and support throughout every session and I always came out of a session full of practical, actionable ideas. She made marketing accessible throughout the business to allow us to work as one on fixing our leaks, as well as getting us over roadblocks that were holding us back. I achieved fantastic results from working with Rachael and it was a real pleasure from start to finish.”  Holly Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager, The Webinar Vet