Welcome to Bluegreen Learning

Focusing on one key driver –  innovation – we take your business from stuck to momentum.

We work with professional or business services, where people’s knowledge or expertise is critical to business success. We equip you to think differently and realise new opportunities – whether that’s products and services, customers and markets, better ways of doing things.

The best innovation future-proofs your business and people. Helps you to weather slings and arrows and makes you more competitive.

We’re not interested in short-term gain; we look at long-term sustainable business health and learning that sustains people in their work and careers.

We never wanted to be the kind of consultants who delivered a plan, report or training and then disappeared into the distance. Making a difference to people and the organisations in which they work, demonstrating an impact – that’s what’s important to us.

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Our journey

The Bluegreen Learning story started in 1999 when Rob left the world of corporate training and development and set up the business. Always a believer in the power of learning to energise and inspire, he started to work with organisations on leadership and team training programmes. Over time he has developed a particular interest and expertise in creativity and innovation.

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Offering training and consultancy, we believe that learning is the starting, not the end, point. Helping clients to apply that learning and then sharing what they’ve achieved – stories or best practice – to energise and embed the learning, is how we deliver value.



Our purpose is to enable, equip and empower people and organisations to think differently and realise opportunities.