“When I was 16 my father took me to a careers adviser who asked me to complete a questionnaire. 

I don’t remember the #2 and #3 job roles that were suggested but I do remember the first. It was a landscape designer and planner. Thinking it was only about gardening (and I definitely wasn’t into it at that age), I ignored the suggestion.

The interesting thing is, when reflecting back on the advice, it was actually very astute – the job combines the technical and creative, an eye for detail and a vision of the end result. These have all played out again and again over my career and the work I enjoy doing most with clients.

I am an architect at heart. A planner. A marketing landscape designer if you like.”

Rachael works as an outsourced marketing director, consultant and trainer. She helps managing directors and partners, CEOs, heads of business units and marketing teams unlock their potential by creating effective, focused marketing blueprints for the future.

Making the link between the business’s aims and plans and what marketing and business development skills need to be put in place to make that happen.

She worked in-house for a number of organisations in senior marketing and business development roles prior to setting up her own business. For the last 25 years she has worked within the professional and business services sectors.  

Rachael is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Marketer and has completed an accredited coaching course.

Rachael enjoys helping marketing and business development teams to work collaboratively with colleagues in the business. Historically, there has been a ‘them and us’ attitude between those doing client work and ‘support’ functions such as marketing, HR and IT, and even divisions between sales and marketing teams.

A more effective approach requires people to work more interdependently, valuing the contribution that each other makes to the business.


A little known fact about Rachael

She really likes to go to the cinema in the afternoon – but alas it doesn’t happen very often!