Many organisations don’t have a clear innovation strategy

Avoid the trap of “innovation theatre”, where efforts are high profile, but, in truth, not properly resourced. Don’t create a high-profile innovation lab, or innovation centre but leave the goals fuzzy. Unless your innovation efforts are connected to real customer needs, and with the political power to see ideas implemented through to value, you’ll probably see the curtain fall quickly, and people won’t want a repeat experience.

Why do you want new ideas? Products, services, processes, business models, customer experiences, safety, markets…? And are you looking for incremental or more radical approaches, or a combination of both?

Through working with you to understand your goals, we help you create a purposeful alignment between your organisational strategy and your innovation requirements.

This way, ideas are more likely to enable the changes you want, with the accountability and support to put them into action.

Do you have a clear innovation strategy?

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