People who are good at creative problem solving work through several stages

Creative problem solving has been studied and researched since the mid-1950s. People who are good at this tend to work through several stages. They know that problems are ambiguous and can be defined at different levels. They explore and define those problems. They also generate many, varied and original ideas, and narrow these down to a promising, intriguing shortlist. Finally, they strengthen those ideas, securing political support and concept testing where appropriate.

On our programmes, we help people learn the tools, skills and mindset to develop ideas through these stages. We run:

  • 90 – 120 minute ‘taster’ sessions, so people can experience aspects of the approach.
  • 1 and 2 day Creative Problem Solving courses, where you can learn the approach and apply it to ‘live’ work challenges for your organisation.
  • ‘Train-the-trainer’ where we train your people as Group Creative Problem Solving Facilitators, equipped to roll-out the skills within your organisation.

Considering how to equip your people with creative problem solving skills?

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