Without a supportive work climate for innovation, new skills are unlikely to be applied

Whether at team or organisational level, ideas need a supportive local climate to turn ideas into action, and to engage your people. Organisations that build healthy innovation climates that engage people tend to  have higher rates of profitability (increased revenue, stock price, and net income), productivity and customer loyalty.

The dimensions of climate are well understood, can be deliberately managed, and are measurable. We use the Situational Outlook Questionnaire (SOQ) to measure team or organisational climate and support change efforts. The nine dimensions measured by the SOQ include:

  • Challenge and Involvement – The degree to which people are involved in daily operations, long-term goals, and visions
  • Freedom – The degree of independence shown by the people in the organization
  • Trust and Openness – The emotional safety in relationships
  • Idea-Time – The amount of time people can, and do, use for elaborating new ideas
  • Playfulness and Humour – The spontaneity and ease displayed within the workplace
  • Conflict – The presence of personal and emotional tensions (a negative dimension – in contrast to the debate dimension)
  • Idea-Support – The ways new ideas are treated
  • Debate – The occurrence of encounters and disagreement between viewpoints, ideas, experiences and knowledge
  • Risk-Taking – The tolerance of uncertainty and ambiguity

Read more about how one company transformed their climate and increased their business and motivation. 

 We run:

  • 90 – 120 minute ‘taster’ sessions, so people can understand what climate is, and how to manage it.
  • Climate improving exercises, built into customised programmes, so you can measure and improve it over time.

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