More money doing the right work for the right clients.

I love working with purpose-driven businesses who are passionate about delivering value and get results because of it.

I work the businesses to create short and long term marketing plans that are aligned to their mission and goals, connect with their customers and grow revenue.

So if your marketing isn’t delivering the results you need or hope for, let’s have a chat.

I can equip you with the know-how, skills and tools to win – and keep – more of the right clients. Starting from your customer’s perspective, I work with you to design a marketing blueprint, put in place the foundations of an effective marketing operation then agree a map to get there.

The end result? Happier clients, more engaged staff and conversations with prospects you want to work with.  

Everything I do for you –  from defining your ideal client to managing relationships with them, and whether we’re running a workshop to energise your team or working alongside you to realise your plan – is with the goal of making the most of your marketing time, people and money.

I work with:

  • Growth-minded professional services and knowledge businesses.
  • People who know that the right marketing and business development is a key part of your success.
  • Businesses who need help to design and build a marketing strategy and plan that works and future proofs the company.
  • People who want to find out how marketing can underpin sustainable sales growth.

Find your focus

A fully supported marketing transformation, putting in place a blueprint, map and the right resources to realise new opportunities.

Marketing momentum

Guidance, support, focus, leading and mentoring your team and strategic projects as an outsourced, part-time resource.

Touchpoint Traffic Light Report

Find out where to focus your marketing efforts. A unique diagnostic tool that maps your marketing against the Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™ framework. A good way to kick-start your marketing planning.


Ovation Finance

“The [planning] meeting was an epiphany… If it wasn’t for Rachael’s proactive approach and gentle reminders, nothing would have progressed.”

Ian Else
Ovation Finance

Niche law firm

“The fresh perspective Rachael’s wealth of knowledge provides us with is something our business believes to be indispensable.”

Head of Clients and Markets
Niche law firm

DQ Advocates Ltd

“Well delivered [workshop] and thought provoking. Challenged current and conventional thinking for me and for our firm.”

Paul Blake, Chief Operating Officer
DQ Advocates Ltd

We'd love to meet for a chat