Ready to turn your marketing from scattergun to focus?

A powerful 12 week programme giving you all the thinking, tools and advice you need to build a marketing plan that delivers sales.

These are uncertain times. It’s difficult to predict where your business might be in six or twelve months.

History shows that those companies who do best – and come out strongest – from dips in the economy are those that continue with their marketing.  Do the thinking. Have a plan. Do the right marketing, that makes the most of your money, time and people.

So if you want to meet the challenge and feel more in control, this expert guided masterplan is your step-by-step path to marketing clarity. It will give you the confidence to decide which activities and investments will make the difference and underpin sustainable, long-term sales growth.

And the support to make it happen.

Who's it for?

  • A marketer in a step-up business – you know your stuff and would like support and help in getting others in the business on-board with what you’ve been saying for some time!  The masterplan brings focus and energy to your marketing efforts and gets the whole team involved and working together.
  • The owner-manager of a growing business – you have a clear purpose and vision; now you want to scale things up and need a marketing plan to release the potential of what you’ve created. Marketing is not new to you, but you’d like to know more, understand how it works, what to do and what resources you’ll need.

This is for you if… you’re not sure what marketing to focus on that will give you quick wins and future fitness.

This is for you if…. you want a seasoned marketer on your team to help you apply the thinking to your business.

This is for you if... you need some accountability and momentum.

This is for you if... you want to be in a place of strength come the new year, ready to better engage new and existing customers.

Watertight Marketing Masterplan

What do you get?

This programme takes you through the multi-award winning Watertight Marketing methodology, created by Bryony Thomas and captured in the best-selling book of the same name.

  • Extensive online resources with life-time access
  • 11 chapter videos and more than 50 video guided exercises
  • Weekly tasks to focus your thinking 
  • 12 weeks of expert guidance, support and advice
  • Accountability and inspiration
  • Weekly live masterclass, group discussion and surgery
  • Members forum
  • Access to a supportive community
  • Introduction to two new tools only in the second edition
  • A copy of the newly published second edition
  • A1 methodology poster to map your marketing

How will it help you?

Imagine having the time to really think about what marketing to put in place and why. Imagine having the ear of an expert on tap to sound out about your ideas or point you in the right direction. Imagine getting to the New Year and being ready to implement your plan. You will:

  • Better understand your clients, how they make their buying decision, how that might have changed in the current situation, what they’re thinking and how to engage them
  • Find out how to plug your profit leaks (every business has some!)
  • Prioritise the marketing you need to do in the next 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Ensure your marketing and sales work together to support a steady flow of profitable business
  • Stop wasting money and time on marketing that doesn’t work.

Doors will open for the next group in the middle of December

The next group for this unique programme begins in February. I keep the groups small to be sure that each and every person gets the time and input they need. 

If you’re a marketer or responsible for marketing and you’re ready to set aside the time to raise your marketing game, this is the perfect programme for you. Filled with strategy, accountability, tools, resources and support, it’s the best way to take your marketing to the next level. 

Group programme

  • Access to all the online resources.
  • Go through the course with other businesses.
  • 90 minutes weekly group sessions.
  • One hour kick-off call.
  • A-Z of content marketing ideas digital e-book.
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS* – 1 months’ free access to the Make Marketing Happen Club (launching January 2021)

Payment plans are available. *Terms apply.

One to one programme

  • Access to all the online resources.
  • Dedicated and tailored to your business.
  • 60 minutes weekly sessions.
  • Team members can join as added extra.
  • One hour kick off call.
  • A-Z of content marketing ideas digital e-book.
  • Touchpoint Leak Assessment update within 12 months.
  • EARLY BIRD BONUS* – 2 hour strategic sounding board session.

Payment plans are available. *Terms apply.

 Is this right for you?

Download for free the introduction and first chapter of Watertight Marketing to check if the methodology is right for you.

Join me for a free workshop

Find out more the Watertight Marketing methodology and this programme in a free 60 minute workshop – 4 Steps to Sustainable Sales.

Your mentor and coach

My superpower is planning – I’m a marketing architect. I will help you shape, build and deliver a plan that works. 

I work with purposeful businesses who want to make a difference. They know marketing is important but are just not sure how to align it with sales or how to increase its impact.

I’ve worked in marketing and business development for over 30 years – both inside companies building and leading the marketing and business development and for 10 years running my own business.

Over my career I’ve worked with accountants, lawyers and other professional services and business-to-business firms. I’ve helped one firm triple revenue from a key client. Working with another business, I increased conversion rates of prospects to buyers by 15%. I’ve identified opportunities and the marketing needed to realise those that has resulted over the years in over £1m worth of new revenue.  

I regularly run workshops and programmes as well as research and write marketing audits, strategies and plans. I also work as an outsourced marketing director for clients providing monthly support, guidance, direction and sounding board. 

I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a qualified Chartered Marketer. As part of my work with the local branch, I set up and ran a mentoring programme for six years which ended up successfully matching 75 mentors with mentees.  I’m also an accredited Master Practitioner with Watertight Marketing.

Here's what clients have to say...

“I was keen to have a framework with which to review our activities in a very practical way so that we could really sharpen our marketing and move away from our current scattergun approach. Rachael’s support has been really useful and she’s gone above and beyond to help us apply the thinking to our business. I’ve found being on the programme really invigorating and we’re already seeing results. Excellent value for money.”  

Donna Cezair, Sales and Marketing Director, Source Insurance

“Being on the programme has been amazing; it’s been incredibly helpful. It’s much better being guided by you through the course than doing it on my own and it really brings it to life and helps to make sense of it. I’ve had some real lightbulb moments and we’ve already started to implement things and seen some early successes. Wholeheartedly recommended.”  

Penny Cox, Director, The Business Services Company

“A well delivered and thought-provoking workshop. Challenged current and conventional thinking for me and for our firm.”  

Paul Blake, Chief Operating Officer, DQ Advocates Ltd

“Every time I speak to Rachael, she makes me feel confident and motivated. I get a real sense of clarity from speaking to her and come away with a wealth of ideas of what to work through. The way she frames activity through the Watertight Marketing way of thinking means I can visualise our marketing activity and see clear logic in the strategy I’m working on.”  

Holly Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager, The Webinar Vet

Let's chat

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