How long will the Programme take?

The cohort programme takes 12 weeks in total, with a break in the middle. After this, you have lifetime access to the online resources that you can use and dip in to as you need. And you can buy more expert practitioner time.

If you’ve signed up for one to one support, it’s up to you how you use the 12 calls with your expert practitioner. You also have lifetime access to the online resources.

How many hours will I need to complete the Programme?

We estimate around 4-6 hours per chapter, and there are 11 of them plus an introduction. So if you are on the 12 week programme, you’ll need at least half a day a week to do it justice. 

What if I can’t complete the Programme?

We aim to support you so that you do complete the programme! If for any reason, you can’t, you will have lifetime access to the online materials so you can always complete the rest of the programme in your own time. If you’re part of a cohort, you won’t have access to your expert practitioner after the 12 sessions, so we will talk to you about how you get this personal support in the future. If you’re working one to one you can spread the course over a longer period. We will work hard to make sure you complete it – we know how much impact it has for those who do.

How long are the online learning materials available to me?

You purchase lifetime access to the Masterplan Edition 1 materials.

I have Edition 2 of the Watertight Marketing book, will the programme still be suitable for me?

Yes. The Core Methodology in editions 1 and 2 are the same, and your expert practitioner will introduce some key elements of edition 2 into your live sessions. The book you’ll be sent as part of the programme will in fact be edition 2.

How do the early bird offers work?

The early bird offers are available to anyone who books their place before 2 October 2020. They are only redeemable if you complete the programme. 

How can I involve one or more of my colleagues in the programme?

You will need to purchase separately the online Masterplan materials for them – one licence per person. You may need to purchase additional expert practitioner time  – discuss this with your chosen practitioner.

What if I need more time with my expert practitioner?

If you’d like more time with your expert practitioner, you can buy and book time with us easily. Just ask us and we’ll send you a link to do that.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you decide within the first week of the programme that this is not for you, we will refund your money in full.