Lots of tools and resources to support you in your job. A free-to-join community, how-to videos, a series of downloadable tools and in-depth reports.

Innovation community

We set up a Facebook group to equip, enable and inspire you to develop your creativity. We do this through sharing stories from organisations and cities, and by sharing resources.

Find out more, and invite yourself to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/innovationcatalysts/

How to videos

We are creating educational videos to help people understand how to use some creative problem solving tools in their workplaces. Here are three videos which show you how to use some creative problem solving tools.

Web of abstraction

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Boundary examination

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Pictures as prompts

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Useful articles and reports

Inside the Mind of the World Class Leader

Written by David Burnham from Burnham Rosen Group, this article explores how “InterActive Leaders” consistently deliver top-quartile business results and high employee morale.

The Distracted Leader

Writted by Rob Jackson from Burnham Rosen Group, this is a short article on how the many distractions of modern work life can divert leaders away from purpose, and how to avoid this happening.