What marketing do you need to focus on?

Businesses are facing the biggest challenge most of us have had to deal with. There is no doubt that it will be a period of great uncertainty.

Whilst there are some immediate priorities in the short-term, the next step is to pause… before planning for the long-term.

All the research over the last 40 years shows that those companies who do best during tough times, recessions and crises and come out strongest are those that combine selective and targeted cost-cutting with investment for the future – through marketing and innovation.

This guide looks at the steps you can take to make sense of this uncertainty and think, shape and plan for the things you can control. It sets out:

  • the actions and tactical responses appropriate for the short term
  • what planning for the longer terms entails
  • the 3 key elements of your marketing strategy and plan 

Marketing in tough times - a roadmap and guide

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