How marketing fit is your firm?

Marketing is like fitness

The more you do the right activities, the more regularly you do them and the longer you keep them up, the fitter you become. And if you’re making the changes you want, then you’re more likely to keep going. Or need help to keep going!

And, like fitness, it’s not achieved with a magic wand or a wing and a prayer.

That’s why Watertight Marketing’s Four Flow Foundations are so important. They help you understand your current level of fitness and your plan of action.

This short guide introduces you to each Flow Foundation and describes:

  • Why many business owners sacrifice profit to short term thinking (and how to stop it for good)
  • The common symptoms that let you know you’re operating with shaky foundations (and how to turn things around)
  • The four Flow Foundations you need in place for your marketing efforts to finally pay off!

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