The savvy marketer’s guide to fitness – the truth about how it supports success

The savvy marketer’s guide to fitness – the truth about how it supports success

Marketing is like fitness.

The more you do the right activities, the more regularly you do them and the longer you keep them up, the fitter you become. And with true fitness comes a sense of relief.

And if you’re making the changes you want, then you’re more likely to want to keep going. Even if you might need a bit of support to keep going!

And, like fitness, it’s not achieved with a magic wand or a wing and a prayer.

That’s why Watertight Marketing’s Four Flow Foundations are so important. They help you understand your current level of fitness and what to do to improve in each area.

Having a plan means you can adapt more easily

I was talking to a client recently. She said: “Having a detailed plan was amazing…. With that in place, when things went off the rails in 2020 it meant we could adapt really easily.”

All the work we’d done together paid off.

All the work to increase their marketing fitness and put it on firm foundations not only helped to generate more of the right enquiries (from people who fitted who they wanted to work with) but it also increased their conversion rate.

Most importantly, when the shock of March’s lockdown came last year, they could look at their plan and agree what had changed, what they needed to focus on immediately and how to reassure and reach out to clients.

How fit are you now?

The starting point is to review your marketing capability and operation against the four flow foundations:

  1. The right work (that balance purpose and profit)
  2. Balanced marketing routine (a range of activities that engage your audience)
  3. Baseline marketing rhythm (often enough to make a difference)
  4. Maintaining marketing momentum (keeping your plan on track)

There are some common symptoms to look out for in each case. For instance, do you recognise these?

Having the wrong work: You couldn’t tell me how profitable any of the services or products you provide are, or which are most or least profitable.

An unbalanced marketing routine: You’re frustrated you’re not converting more ideal buyers to warm prospects, and more warm prospects to paying customers.

Irregular marketing exercise: Income has decreased and you’re tempted to cut your marketing spend or resource.

Losing sight of the goal: Feeling demotivated and a lack of energy, finding it easy to give up or procrastinate.

There are solutions to each of these….. To recognise other symptoms and find out what you can do about them, download the full Strategic Marketing Scorecard.

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