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When should you outsource marketing?

Resourcing. It’s one of the things that businesses often struggle with – whether large or small. 

In larger organisations this manifests itself as questions around objectives, roles and responsibilities, structure and capabilities and how (and when) to use outsourcing. You might have a team of ‘doers’ but no strategic steer from someone who knows how to run, develop and manage a marketing team and equip them to make an impact.

In smaller organisations you’re more likely to face issues such as how you can resource a marketing plan and in particular the how time, money and knowledge (or lack of them) affect things. You might have neither a director-level person to help you with strategy and planning nor anyone in-house to do the doing.

Deciding how to resource marketing is a matter of time, money and knowledge

There are three factors which influence how you resource a marketing plan (or indeed any other):

  1. Time: the extent to which you have the time to do something yourself
  2. Money: the extent to which you have the money to pay for an employee or outsourcing
  3. Knowledge: the extent to which you know about this area and could do the task yourself
insource or outsource marketing

There is another dimension to this model and it is Now versus Future.  So, you might not have time or knowledge or money at the moment, but in order to resource things in the future, you might want to gain one, or more, of them.

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